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R.K. Lander
R.K. Lander

Destiny of a Prince

Book 6: The Silvan Saga

About the Book

The final instalment of The Silvan Saga.

A novice once set out upon the road of a warrior. It was the dawn of a legend, a journey that is almost complete…

But first, Fel’annár must face one last enemy, the greatest known to elvendom.

Gra’dón. the most powerful of all the Nim’uán.

With victory assured in the north, what’s left of the king’s forces must return home, to one last war. But the vastness of the invading army and its unnatural allies spells disaster for the lands of Ea Uaré.

With his purpose finally revealed, Fel’annár and The Company must arrive before the enemy can raze their city to the ground. But time is running out, and Aria, god of Bel’arán, must protect what lies hidden deep inside the Evergreen Wood. To avoid the unthinkable, she must use all her allies, even those still unknown to the first world.

Can Fel’annár lead the elven army home in time, confront the greatest warrior he has ever faced? Can he protect Aria’s secret and save his homeland from death and annihilation? Even for himself?

The saga is complete, but the story continues. Coming soon…

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Narrator: Daniel Thomas May


The Details

Published: October 11, 2022
Publisher: R.K. Lander
Formats: EbookPaperbackAudiobook
Genres & Tropes
Epic Fantasy, Military Fantasy, Coming of Age Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, Myths and Legends, Quest Fantasy