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Order of Shirán

Book 1: Elven Worlds

About the Book

To each elven world its god. To each god his executing hands – the Shirán. Feared and revered, loved and despised, they carry out the will of gods, in worlds beyond those of their birth.

In a new world where magic is no longer myth, Feldar is brought back to life by the hands of the Dominie, those who guide elven spirits on their paths through the elven worlds.

In death, Feldar accepted to serve the gods, but his path towards the Order of Shirán is stunted by the memory of his own, tragic death and what he was forced to do.

Meanwhile, war rages against the Revenant demi-god Arzén, possessor of immortal souls, usurper of elven realms. With an army of undying mortals, it is only a matter of time before the Source to the third world is breached, leaving the elves of Naz’arán isolated and alone.

The Shirán commanders will break the rules of the Order of Dominie in the hopes that Feldar is the one who can turn the tides of war. But as his memories return, anger consumes him. Can he win the battle in his mind? Remember who he is, what he is, join the Order of Shirán and find a reason to live? Find a way to stop Arzén and his Revenant army from annihilating Elvendom?

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Early Reviews

“I loved reading this book. I was enthralled by RK’s ability to weave a complex world of elves with a new perspective – their transition to other worlds. Sure to be a classic, this tale tells a riveting story about a traumatized elf who wakes in a new world to a past of pain. This tortured spirit must find his memory and learn skills desperately needed in the ongoing war. Moments in this adventure are often a dark mirror into today’s world, and post-traumatic stress.”

“R K Lander has proven to be an outstanding author! The Shirán is a book of deep and complex world building. The characters are very well developed and become very real as you lose yourself in the story. I was so embedded in the development of the story, my own reality disappeared, and I found it hard to stop reading and do necessary things like eat and sleep! This is one of those rare books that have you invested in the characters so you actually feel their pain and suffering. This should be on the bookshelf for anyone interested in good fantasy and who loves stories about elves. Can’t wait to read book 2 as well!”

“I am well into my cynical sixties and devour my books as if there is no tomorrow, which of course is reasonably relevant to me. With today’s depressingly polarized thinking I need my escape and this book delivered wonderfully well. As painful as it was to read the tragedy and trauma of the main character, it is heart warming to read about the loyalty and friendship between the Elves that love and support Fel, you deserve your 5 stars. Well done Ms. Lander. A shame I cannot just blink and have the whole series come into existence but I am sure the next book pre order is a fine recognition and accolade for your talent. And you deserve that and more.”

“5.0 out of 5 stars not because I didn’t like the book (I think it’s fantastic) It took me a while to write this review… not because I didn’t like the book (I think it’s fantastic).. but I always have a hard time putting my thoughts into words. When I finished reading Shiran, I was stunned … in a good way. I rushed my way through it, and I had to go back and read it again to digest the book and the creation of a new world. The writing is excellent and the world and characters that RK Lander has created continue to astound me. I desperately want to see how future books continue, and I literally can barely wait until the next book is out!!! RK, please both take your time to craft another excellent book, and hurry up and publish it so I can read it!!!”

“An outstanding read! RK Lander does an incredible job of creating a vivid setting with rich characters that stay with you long after you’ve finished the book. This is a story that explores the pain of loss, loyalty and redemption. If you’re not a fan of her work yet, you will be after reading this! A truly exceptional book!”


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Published: 16th March, 2023
Formats: EbookPaperbackAudiobook

Genres & Tropes
Epic fantasy, high fantasy, sword and sorcery, military fantasy, paranormal fantasy, dragons and mythical creatures, the chosen one, romantic fantasy, portal fantasy, shifter fantasy.